Directorate of Animal Husbandry


The Animal Husbandry Department came into existence from 1st May 1960 along with establishment of our Gujarat State, which is presently under regulation of Agriculture and Co-operation Department of Government of Gujarat.

The department undertakes many activities related to scientific rearing of domestic animals, disease control and prevention of infectious diseases of poultry and animals, preservation of indigenous breeds etc.

The major activities of the department include preventions of infectious diseases of animals, breed improvement programmes and development programmes related to various species such as cattle, buffalo, sheep, goat, equine and poultry.


The Animal Husbandry Department came into existence along with other departments in 1960.

Animal Husbandry department works independently under Agriculture and Co-Operation department of Gujarat State.

The major activities of the department are as under

  • Animal Productive Improvement
  • Preservation of indigenous breeds
  • Treatment, preventions and control of various diseases of animals and birds.
  • Breed improvement programmes

In Gujarat Animal Husbandry provides earning to people with very least specialized skills to rural people and especially to rural women.

With compare to Agriculture, which provides very fluctuating irregular income, Animal Husbandry provides constant and fixed income and help villages to reduce unemployment.

Popular Livestock Breeds are as under:

  • In cattle - Gir and Kankrej
  • Buffalo breeds - Mahesani, Jafrabadi and Bunny
  • Goat breeds - Zalawadi, Gohilwadi, Mehsani and Kachchhi.
  • Sheep breeds - Patanwadi and Marwadi

Mission and Goals

  • To strengthen animal health services
  • To increase livestock production
  • To increase farmer's income
  • To make Animal Husbandry occupation oriented through Education, Training and Extension services.


Animal Husbandry is known as largest occupation adopted in rural India after Agriculture. Animal husbandry is very ancient and traditional occupation in rural areas. It provides door step employment opportunities to farmers with no or least skills. It helps to woman empowerment by providing constant and regular income to rural women. Out of 101 Lakh families of the state, 42 lakh families (41.58%) are concern with Animal Husbandry occupation, from which 13.60 lakh families (13.46%) are Below Poverty Line (BPL). The Animal Husbandry is the sole income source to such BPL families. Livestock production has significant contribution in Gujarat, as there is substantial increase in livestock products and byproducts. Approximately 31,024 crore income is expected from the livestock sector in Gujarat State in year 2012-13. There is increase in the population of livestock and poultry respectively to 8.55% and 64% in the livestock census of year 2007 as compare to the census of 2003.Total milk production in the state was 101.15 lakh ton in the year 2011-12 which shows growth rate of 5.07% than previous year milk production. Milk production in the country was 1324 lakh ton in the year 2012-13, which shows growth rate of 3.54% than previous year milk production.

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